Fast Track Your Startup To Success By Creating a Stellar Product Strategy, 
Building a Winning Team and Developing a Profitable and Scalable Business Model
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How Do Successful Startups Build Their Products?
They learn how to build solutions to their customers' toughest problems – and the Full Cycle Methodology (FCM) teaches you how to do just that.
Find Your Tribe
Learn how to understand your customers and their problem domain. When you begin to see the world from their perspective, you will open the door to new opportunities.
Find The Opportunity
Dive deep into specific problems and how to solve them better than others in the market today. Answer the fundamental question: "What game am I playing and how 
am I going to win?"
Find The Solution
Develop the customer journey and get ready to take your idea beyond your inner circle. Set up a conversion funnel and watch as your solution resonates with your market to generate sales.
I used to think it was all about hard work...
I've always been an engineer, a tinkerer, a hacker. As CTO at my last company, I earned the nickname “The Executioner”, because of my relentless drive to 
Get. Shit. Done. 

My engineering team was a finely-tuned, well-oiled machine. We hit our Sprint targets, leveraged best-practices and cutting-edge tools, and gave our product owners what they asked for on time and under budget.
But it wasn't enough.
My cofounders and I had a vision that we all believed in. 
We experienced a problem in our lives that we couldn't find a good solution for. 
We talked to some friends and found that they had the same problem too. 
We dove in and started building the product that we had imagined, because we knew we needed to build something fast. 

In the beginning, we were full of excitement, and pulled many all-nighters cranking out code. We believed so strongly that we were onto something big.
We were going to change the world.
We worked tirelessly for months to build the first release. 
We invested our money and even raised some seed capital. 
We hired a team of developers and worked steadily down a long roadmap of features. While we tested the app internally, we couldn't bear to release it to the world until we felt it was ready for prime time. 

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we released the product to the world.
And it fell flat.
We got a little bit of traction, but it was nothing like we anticipated. We struggled to get new users, even for free. We kept telling ourselves that if we just pushed that next big feature, it would be the turning point.

There is nothing more discouraging than giving everything you have to create something and have nobody adopt it. My engineers and I put in our best work, and yet the results were embarrassing.

We continued to work ourselves to the bone, burned through a ton of cash, raised debt financing, and were on the brink of total failure.
Then I Had An Epiphany...
I realized that no amount of engineering efficiency or high-quality code could make up for building a product that didn’t solve a real problem. There was something fundamentally wrong with the way we were designing our product. 

As an engineer, I was so focused on what we were building and how, that I completely forgot about why we were building it. We didn’t understand who our customers were, what problems they struggled with most, or how we could help them achieve their goals.

I went searching for a solution. I dove deeply into the world of product design. I read dozens of books and spent hundreds of hours watching lectures on product management, graphic design, human interaction design, and user experience.
What I Discovered...
...was that the most successful companies I studied shared some key characteristics:

1. They understood their customers at a deep level. 

2. They crafted user experiences that helped their users achieve an important goal. 

3. They had a clearly defined mission that everyone in the organization subscribed to. 

4. Because they had built empathy and trust with their customers, they could tell a compelling story that resonated with their customers and convince them that their product was the one to buy.

5. They did their market research, and didn't invest enormous resources into building something until they were sure it would have product-market fit. 

6. They engaged with their customers on an ongoing basis, continually gathering feedback and testing out new ideas. 

7. They leveraged agile development principles across the entire organization, not just within the engineering teams. 

8. They gathered copious amounts of data and used it to make product decisions, instead of the opinions of a few key people.
I began developing a new model of product development.
I combined the principles of User-Centered Design, Agile Development, and Growth Hacking into an end-to-end, unified model of product development. 

With this model, we would engage the customer at every possible opportunity to ensure we were always building the right things at the right time. 
We would run growth-hacking experiments on the product itself to validate new ideas quickly and cheaply before investing the time and money to fully build out features. We would leverage the core agile development principles of reflection and continuous improvement across the entire organization, so that everyone in the company would be continually striving towards greatness.
That's When Things Started To Change...
I approached my cofounders and proposed that I take over the entire product development process, including product management, UX, and design. After overcoming some resistance, we agreed to give it a shot. While it took a little while for us to hit our stride, the team was invigorated with renewed purpose.
The results were transformational.
After a few short weeks, we started to see results we were looking for. Our customer feedback was helping us prioritize our work and develop more purposeful user experiences. Our data-driven product management process resulted in greater adoption, higher retention, reduced churn, and greatly increased revenue.
In one year, we doubled our revenue, then we doubled it again.
Now I'm taking the model that took me 15 years of experience, research, experimentation, iteration, and failure to develop, and I'm going to teach it to you in six weeks.
This is the Full Cycle Methodology™.
If you want to build a product people will love, quickly grow your business to 7, 8 or even 9 figures, and if you want to make a real impact in many people's lives, my friend, you've come to the right place.
You will work through 12 modules over the course of 6 weeks, building your profitable business as you go.
Module One
Define Your Vision
After sharing my own story and passion with you, I take you through an essential exercise to define your vision, share the FCM guiding principles and put you in a service-oriented mindset.
Module Two
User-Centered Design
In this module, I go in-depth on User-Centered Design and explain the real nuts and bolts of how to build a product that is customer-focused. UCD is the essential model of product development in the FCM.
Module Three
Find Your Tribe
Learn how to understand your customers and their problem domain. Start to see the world from their perspective and get ready to open the door to new opportunities.
Module Four
Find The Opportunity
Dive deep into specific problems and how to solve them better than others in the market today. Answer the fundamental question: "What game am I playing and how am I going to win?"
Module Five
Find The Solution
Develop the customer journey and get ready to take your idea beyond your inner circle. Set up a conversion funnel and watch as your solution resonates with your market to generate sales.
Module Six
User Experience Design
Learn the critical aspects of user-experience design, discover your 'Aha Moment' and learn the Hook Model, as used by almost every successful product development team to create addictive, habit forming experiences.
Module Seven
Wireframing & Prototyping
Transform your concept into reality by turning your killer user experience into a real user interface, then develop a rapid prototype that will allow you to start capturing real user feedback as early as possible. 
Module Eight
Developing Your Business Model
The most important part of any startup! Develop a Lean Canvas and go-to-market strategy to make sure your product will generate revenue and scale. Learn what investors are looking for and raise capital on your own terms.
Module Nine
Building a Winning Team
Leadership is one of the essential skills of any founder. Learn how to hire the right people, align them with your mission, and create an environment for them to execute effectively.
Module Ten
Agile Product Management
Learn the principles of the Agile Product Management model, increase speed of delivery and quickly push out new features. Get a practical framework for evaluating, prioritizing, executing, and measuring ideas. 
Module Eleven
Start to collect and analyze data. In this module, you will learn how to embed analytics into the fabric of your product, and measure the most important metrics of your business. 
Module Twelve
Reference Tools
Receive access to a handpicked selection of incredibly valuable tools and templates I commonly use in my teams.  Just like with our agile principles, new content will continually be added and improved over time. 
Plus Bonus Content...
Expert Interviews
I sit down with some exceptional product leaders and discuss leadership, product design, fundraising, and more.
Daily Exercise Worksheets
This course is much more than a series of lectures. You'll be working on your actual business with practical exercises and templates.
Customer Interview Scripts
Gathering customer feedback is the foundation of effective product development, and it's easy to mess up. I'll give you proven scripts to ensure you are getting quality feedback.
Private Facebook Group Access
Accountability is key to success, and you'll be part of an accountability group to ensure you get the most out of this course.
Scorecards and Spreadsheets
I'll share with you the secret sauce that I've used countless times to help companies grow quickly.
Design and Pitch Deck Templates
I'll give you access to my entire toolbelt that I've been building over my entire career.
...and get a FREE copy of my 'Build The Right Things' audiobook and ebook!
The perfect companion to the Full Cycle course, my book will help you to design the right product experience that your users will love. The course and book go hand-in-hand to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by teaching you to focus on the right things, beat your competitors and use data to drive your product strategy.
And One More Thing...
I want you to know that I am here to support you every step of the way – throughout the initial six week program and beyond.  You will have ongoing access to me through weekly Q&A webinars and our private Facebook Group and in addition, I am offering free 60-minute coaching consultations for the first ten people to enroll! 

This is a limited time offer so if you feel you would benefit from working with me 1:1, enroll today!
Why Can't I Just Do All Of This On My Own?
The truth is: you can. 
BUT you can expect to spend a heck of a lot more time and money in the process.
Sure, you could go it alone. But what I'm offering you here is a fast track. A timesaver. A product that is guaranteed to be a hit right out of the gate.
What took me fifteen years to learn, I'm going to teach you in six weeks.
This isn't a passive program – it's a step-by-step interactive process designed to help you take a purposeful product from concept to money-making reality

Whether you already have an idea or you're starting from nothing, building your business using the Full Cycle Product framework will streamline your journey, save you time, save you money and you will better yourself as a leader in the process.
By the end of this course, you will have both the infrastructure and the knowledge you need to:
​​• Beat out your competition by developing a winning product strategy and competitive advantage.
​• Build and manage a winning team that executes effectively.
​• Develop a business model that is profitable and scalable.
​• Attract investors and raise capital on your terms.
​• Exit. Buy a boat. Live happily ever after, or do it all over again :)
Ready to start your journey today?
Who Is This Course For?
  • UX Designers
  • Product Managers
  • ​Product Developers
  • Founders
  • ​CEOs
  • ​CTOs
  • Product Leaders
  • Innovators
  • UI Designers
Here's Why Founders Love Full Cycle Product Development
“Eric is at the forefront of agile product and technology development. Eric’s tools and frameworks have helped me to develop better products for my customers, create high velocity product development teams, and deliver improved business results with each Pull Request.”
Corey Coto
"This course is a must for anyone who is considering founding or joining a startup. Eric lays out a clear actionable framework to set you up with the best possible chance of success and to avoid the pitfalls that catch so many founders while searching for that elusive product market fit."
Robert Swisher
"With this course, Eric Weiss offers up his deep product development expertise to help early stage entrepreneurs to avoid the risk and expense of building the wrong thing. This course provides a clear process of experimentation to discover and solve a big problem."
Scott Holcombe
"The insights I've gained from this course have inspired me to review and adjust our internal product processes. Eric paints a clear picture of what separates the failures from the successes, and gives you all the tools and context you need to build the best product."
Vladimir Baranov
Eric has a very deep knowledge when it comes to product, UX, and strategy. Learning from Eric has completely transformed the way I approach our product strategy and processes. Applying our learnings from Eric helps us be more agile and focus on what matters."
Zak Meftah
Do you want to join these founders and finally get the results you deserve?
Meet Your Instructor
Why Is Eric The Right Person To Help You?
Eric Weiss has been building technology products and leading highly-effective development teams for over 15 years.

He’s coached and lead dozens of companies, from fledgling startups to Fortune 100 companies, adding millions in annual revenue and raising over $25 Million dollars.
  • Lead massive development projects worth billions of dollars, including the Sony Playstation 3 and Qualcomm's $9 Billion technology licensing platform
  • Co-founded and lead development teams in aviation, healthcare, health and fitness, cleantech, and real estate
  • Now a high-level consultant and speaker at world class events
Does the content apply to me?
Well, do you want to build a technology product that solves a real problem in people’s lives? Do you want to build your product quickly and effectively? Do you want to avoid making huge mistakes and save a bunch of money in the process? If so, this course is right for you.
Will it really help me build a great product?
I am completely focused on best-practices. This course isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme. These are the real tools and frameworks the professionals use to create all the world-class products you know and love. Whether you’re a first time founder or a veteran product leader, this is the cutting edge product development methodology.
Is it worth the cost?
Ask yourself, how much time and money have you invested in your business so far? How much do you expect to invest in the future? What do you stand to lose if you make a massive strategic mistake? This course will help you protect that investment. The value is tremendous!
What do I get for the price?
I’m including a ton of value in this course. You’ll get hours of video lectures, daily exercises, expert interviews, conference talks, reference tools and templates, private Facebook group access, and more. You can find out all the details on this page.
How does it stack up to similar online courses?
There are a lot of business “gurus” out there who try to teach you how to be an entrepreneur. They focus a lot on personal mindset and motivation, but often lack any real practical how-to advice. My approach is different. I focus on clear, practical, actionable tools and frameworks to actually get you from idea to launch and beyond. There’s no fluff here. This course is densely packed with information that you can take and apply to your business immediately.
What if I don't get the value I was hoping for?
I offer a 30 day money back guarantee! If my course doesn’t live up to your expectations, I’ll refund 100% of your money. All I ask is that you give me some feedback so that I can make my course even better!
How will it change my life?
Imagine when you’ve successfully built and launched your product and your early adopters are raving to everyone about how you’ve solved a serious problem in their lives. Imagine when you’ve got multiple investors giving you term sheets because they want a piece of your success. Imagine when you’ve had your third year of triple digit growth because you are consistently delivering customer value and executing better than your competition. Imagine when your strategic partners offer to buy your company and you get that payout you massively deserve. All of this begins here, with a cutting edge product development methodology.
Ready To Fast Track Your Journey From 
Flustered Founder to Successful CEO?
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